Our Team

Ed Trainor from Wasabi Entertainment

Ed Trainor

Wasabi Entertainment was founded in 2010 by Ed Trainor with the sole purpose of better serving the entertainment industry with his unique perspective as a musician performer and using his vast networks to connect artists with venues.

Hand-picking the best talent available in the market to serve on-premise events. We now service over 70 clients and work with more than 100 acts across two states with the sole focus of supplying only the best live music the market has to offer.

Tom Kurzel from Wasabi Entertainment

Tom Kurzel

Tom has been a musician for more than 20 years and absolutely loves performing. His purpose is to provide local artists with the platform to perform at world-leading events and venues here in South Australia.

Whether we’re working with high-end corporate customers, major events or a couple about to get married, Tom’s excited that he gets to build these relationships and bring these visions to life.

Jack Wood from Wasabi Entertainment

Jack Wood

Jack Wood is a multi-talented musician with a passion for both music and sports. He has established himself in both the music and sporting scene, networking and developing relationships throughout his journey. Having spent the last few years travelling around Australia as a full-time musician, Jack now resides in Brisbane, where he continues to pursue his ambitions as a singer-songwriter while excelling in his career as a professional cricketer with the Brisbane Heat.

Utilising his experience and connections in both industries, Jack aspires to help other artists make their mark in the music world. Travelling around Australia and the world in both industries, Jack has learnt the importance of being hands-on when it comes to developing strong relationships.
Jack is keen to build a team environment here in Brisbane, setting strong values and principles that will be the foundation for us to provide a smooth and stress-free experience for everyone involved.


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