The Wasabi Entertainment story

Here at Wasabi Entertainment, we’re more than just a business. We’re a group of music lovers on a mission. It all started when Ed decided that the world of live entertainment needed a bit of a shake-up.

We saw a lot of the same old tunes and acts everywhere and thought, “Hey, we can do better.” So, we did. Wasabi Entertainment was born from a desire to bring something fresh to the table, mixing the best live music with a genuine love for what we do.

From garage gigs to big stages

A music career often starts in the garage with a love for music and, if you’re lucky, makes its way to the big stage. That’s true for the three guys behind Wasabi Entertainment. We were just a few musicians wanting to stay close to the music we love, and somehow, that passion turned into a thriving business that supports artists and venues. 

We’ve gone from those "garage band" days to something bigger than we ever imagined, helping countless artists find their spotlight.

A big moment for us

We’re taking a big leap by stepping into Brisbane in 2024. It’s a new city for us, and we’re ready to bring our own blend of music and fun here. It’s not just about growing bigger. It’s about spreading the joy of live music further.

Looking ahead

With our move into Brisbane, led by Jack Wood—a guy who knows a thing or two about music and hitting a wicket (yep, he’s also a professional cricketer)—we’re not just expanding our map. We’re aiming to bring our passion for live music to more people. Jack’s got the connections and the know-how to make Wasabi Entertainment a hit in Brisbane, and we’re all excited to see where this next step takes us.

Why we stand out

We’re not your typical music agency. We started as musicians, and that’s the lens through which we see everything we do. This means we get what musicians need and what venues want. Our approach to matching the right music with the right place is all about listening—to our artists, to our clients, and, of course, to the music itself.

Our vibe? It’s pretty simple.

What we’re all about


Make your event one to remember