On-premise Entertainment

A lively and engaging space

Create the best atmosphere

Wasabi Entertainment transforms your venue into a lively and engaging space with our expertly curated live music options. From the soothing melodies of acoustic acts to the vibrant energy of bands and DJs, we customise our services to complement your venue’s unique ambience.

Our diverse roster ensures that whether your establishment is a chic inner-city bar or a cozy suburban pub, we have the perfect live music solution to give your guests a great experience.

How it works

step one

Initial chat

Get started with a conversation about your venue’s unique character, your audience, and the vibe you’re hoping to achieve.

step two

Tailored selection

Based on our chat, we’ll suggest a lineup of acts that work with your venue’s atmosphere and meet your specific needs.

step three

Seamless coordination

After you’ve chosen your preferred entertainment, we take care of all the arrangements, ensuring a smooth experience from the initial booking to the live performance.

step four

Event success

With all the details in place, you can sit back and enjoy as your venue buzzes with the sound of quality live entertainment, curated just for you.

Live music is great for your venue

Why use a booking agent?

Turn up the ambience

Our live music options are selected to enhance the atmosphere of your venue, making it a destination for patrons seeking a memorable experience.

Competitive pricing

We offer competitive and consistent pricing, ensuring you get the best entertainment value for your investment.


Last-minute cancellations are no longer a concern. Our wide network and resources mean we can always cover a cancelled gig, ensuring your entertainment goes off without a hitch.

Why choose Wasabi Entertainment?

Quality assurance

Wasabi Entertainment is synonymous with quality. We pride ourselves on providing only the best live music acts, ensuring your venue is known for premium entertainment.

Custom solutions

Understanding that no two venues are the same, we offer bespoke entertainment solutions that perfectly align with your needs and suit your venue’s guests down to the ground.

Guidance from an experienced team

With years of experience in the entertainment industry, our team offers invaluable insights and support, guiding you to make informed decisions that benefit your venue and your guests.

Unmatched support

From our initial chat to the day of the event, our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and successful entertainment experience, allowing you to focus on running your venue.


Make your event one to remember